Land Rover Defender

Years before we even started Leeuwenkamp4x4, the Land Rover Defender stole our heart. The versatility of the car struck us most. A Defender cruises just as easily through the African savannah as it does through the biggest cities of Europe. The British stubbornness, and the strong belief at Land Rover to follow their own path, also has an inspiring effect on us. It is the way we work at Leeuwenkamp; we find our own way and do not give up easily. 

Every part of our LK family is truly unique, with its own special characteristics and personal story. Our customized Defenders are hand built from scratch in our workshop and are assembled with over 20 years of experience and love for Land Rover. Driving a LK Defender is a unique encounter which you will not easily forget. But you do know one thing for sure, there's no one else driving a car like yours.

We can keep going on about our "passion project", but it's best to experience it first-hand. Take a look at our stories below and meet the LK family. 
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