Leeuwenkamp 4x4:
Family first
We’re not your average car dealer. One look into our workshop tells you that everyone in our family business is absolutely crazy about Land Rover and Range Rover. For over 20 years we’ve been establishing a connection with these special cars. 

With a new generation of our family ready to continue the Leeuwenkamp brand, we can proudly say that we have Land Rover in our blood.

Our workshop is filled with craftsmen that passionately work to create unique and breathtakingly nice Land Rover Defenders and Range Rover Classics.
Leeuwenkamp Land Rover Hood
Leeuwenkamp Land Rover driving through the dunes
True passion
Cars, and Land Rovers in particular, were our passion years before we even started our company.

Over the years we developed such a connection with these cars that we know every nut and bolt. We've surrounded ourselves with a team of craftsmen that are just as obsessed with Land Rover, and whose passion it is to build and restore Defenders and Range Rovers beyond factory-original, paying attention to every little detail in these iconic cars. 
Learn all about our unique Defenders
Knowledge is key
As said before, every vintage car has a history and needs a different approach. Over the years we've seen our fair share of unique cars, crazy requests and other anomalies. All of which we've handled with our team, which has resulted in a great deal of knowledge about our passion projects.

This knowledge, a keen eye for detail and respect for the Land Rover heritage form the trident of values that our company is build on. 
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