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For over 20 years, our family company is building, restoring and driving 4x4s. Land Rovers and Range Rovers especially. Our love for these archetypes of cars goes back even further than our company history. The cool thing about these vintage cars, is that they all have a story. And we love to tell these unique anecdotes through our work. 
A Land Rover Defender is not for those who like to travel unnoticed. Its robust shape and no-nonsense appearance will always leave an impression. Driving a Defender is not for the lazy. The car is demanding but when you've mastered it, the Defender will take you from Paris to Moscow without any trouble.
Even though we have customers from all over Europe, and even the world, the beating heart of our company is in the small Dutch town of Purmerend. This is where you are always welcome to visit our workshop and showroom to see our current and the projects we're working on.  
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