Range Rover Classic
On request

Besides Land Rover Defenders, Range Rover (Classics) have a special place in our heart as well. So, when we had the opportunity to acquire 18 vintage Range Rover Classics, we didn’t hesitate for one moment. Within the blink of an eye we went to Italy, and now all 18 of them are outside our showroom in Purmerend. As Land Rover specialist, we want to contribute to the Land Rover legacy by restoring these to their original state.

It’ll be quite the job, considering they are now in very bad conditions, but we gladly take the opportunity to recreate these beauties that once changed the automotive world. We started working on these cars in the beginning of 2019, and will be delivering them one by one throughout the year.

Fun fact: we will turn some of these Range Rovers into full electric cars!

If you’re interested in one of the projects we’re currently working on, or if you have a specific wish list, feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities together.

Base vehicle specifications

Range Rover Classic




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